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What is Panchadhattu ?

  • Panchadhattu also known as Panchaloha in Southern India
  • Unique mixture of gold, silver, zinc, iron and copper.
  • shortage of any one or more of these in the human body.
  • Once you wear the Zodiac Power Ring, it helps you in compensating the scarcity of any of these 5 metals.
  • As the composition of your body becomes fine, the progress in your life is bound to flow in the positive direction.
  • The colour of the ring can change from day one depending on your tuning with it.
What are Zodiac Power Rings? Zodiac Power Rings are made of Panchdhaatu i.e. 5 metals (Gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron and copper). These 5 metals are important for the health and well-being of our body. A shortage of any one or more of these metals leads to physical, mental and emotional problems in our lives. Each Zodiac sign requires a unique composition of each metal in the Panchdhattu mixture. Hence, there is a different ring for different zodiac signs. Zodiac Power Rings are based on a proven astronomical science.
A combination of ancient texts and modern science The World Health Organization recognizes the effect that minute quantities of these minerals can have on our bodies. These metals are prescribed in medicine by both Ayurvedic texts and modern allopathic treatments. Gold, silver, copper, iron and zinc – both the Upanishads and the Bhagvad Gita mention their influence on us.
Benefits of Zodiac Power Rings Helps people in channelizing mental workload, assists in better concentration levels and eases one’s outlook towards difficult situations. Guaranteed to erase your mental tensions and stress. Enhances will power and concentration. Makes you bold and assertive. Influences your entire thinking and decision making process. Improves health, harmony and happiness in one’s life. Whether in a job, a marriage or relationship, a business or an exam, or competitive situation.