“Science makes things believable and practically reliable,” says Dr. Ashit Jalui, the man behind the rage-of-the-country Zodiac Power Products. Yes, a scientific gift for people that changes lives of anybody and everybody. “The Zodiac Power Products makes you feel confident, dilutes your stress levels, and infuses an overall feeling of well being,” adds the only man from this part of the world who has been awarded the prestigious Doctorate in Astronomy and Metallic Powers from Los Angeles’ Rochville University in the year 2004. Let’s quiz him a bit more about his unique creation…Zodiac Power Products…


Zodiac Power Products assists in the removal of mental anxieties, stress related problems, re-energizes will power and helps you to concentrate better. The added advantage is that you shall find yourself to be more bold and assertive.
These Products are composed of five metals. Together they are referred to as Panchdhaatu. These metals are melted, fermented and re-melted. After this, they are remixed and re-fermented carefully over a substantial period of six months. This power and energy gets translated to the people who wear the ring based on their respective Zodiac Sign in any finger in any hand. That’s why Panchadhatu Rings are known as Zodiac Power Rings.
Zodiac Power Products will help you in becoming more alert. This will remove the cobwebs of doubt from your mind. And hence you shall take correct decisions, thus clearing your road to formidable heights.
I have recently been honoured with Doctorate in Astronomy from Los Angeles’ Rochville University in the year 2004. The same University had earlier conferred a Masters degree in Astrology, face reading and metallic powers. Such recognition gives me more encouragement to make millions of people happy the world over because of Zodiac Power Products.
I firmly believed in the research done by my great grandfather Mr Aghat Jalui, a big Astrologer during the British era 140 years ago. According to his research the Panchadhatu shield given by Shri Krishna to Arjuna during the Mahabharata inspired him to take on his enemies during Mahabharata. The Shield had immensely helped Arjuna in greater concentration, decision-making and assertiveness. The papers of Panchadhatu formula were passed on to me by my great grandfather who realized that I wished to do something more than my father Mr. Haradhan Jalui’s Jewellery business. After 10 years of further research I first tested with Zodiac Power Rings in year 2000 with fabulous results. And I never looked back.
There were moments of doubt, but my great grandfather’s vision and my self confidence kept me going. I am glad I persisted to see these glorious days.
The amazing stories of transformation that many of my clients narrate to me keep me going. I know the price is very less compared with the hard work that goes into making each Zodiac Power Products…..But for me the success and happiness of others is far more precious.
Many of my franchisees abroad were my clients earlier, but they were so pleased with the results of Zodiac Power Products that they offered to spread it amongst their friends and acquaintances. That’s how they became associated with me. Today, there are over 300 dealers spread in the nooks and corners of the India. In the foreign market, the dealers are in New York (USA), Leister (UK), Dubai, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Bahrain. I personally interact with all my dealers and Marketing Executives through telephonic conversations, E-mails, Faxes etc.
I would like to spread more awareness about my other creations like asthadhatu Jewellery.
For buying authentic Zodiac Power Products, you must check out the logo of ZPR embossed inside the Products

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