Know about Zodiac Signs & their Nature

Know about Zodiac Signs & their Nature

Astrology is a very powerful tool to understand the cosmic movements of various objects and their effect on our life. Believe it or not, Astrology does affect your daily life in a positive or negative way. Now, it’s up to you to put on some changes in your life to turn the negative effects of cosmic movements into positive through the proven ways suggested by Astrology.

Before we discuss the Do’s & Don’ts of Astrology to turn the negative cosmic effect into a positive one in our later articles, let’s first see the Zodiac Signs & Symbols with the nature of the person of that sign:


The sign of Aries is the Ram, as Aries people will always be full of energy and ready to accept challenges under any circumstances.

These people many times characterized as intensely determined and impulsive. They will put all their efforts into a single moment without thinking for a second time and overcome the obstacles in their way. But, they are stubborn and sometimes rigid with their thoughts in a generic nature study. They are fun-loving and party loving people but they are the most powerful when they wish to meet some difficult goal in their life.


The Taurus symbol is represented by a Bull as the nature of Taurus people is of strength and perseverance. These people are cool-n-calm with their inner peace. They are not the one to get easily bothered as the sign of bull enjoys the calm and quiet. However, they may feel sudden stress and unhappiness quickly in little difficult situations in compared to other signs. Making other family members or beloved ones safe and secure is the primary behavior of Taurus.


Geminis are displayed by a symbol of twins as they are very happy in nature. Usually, people with Gemini sign loves to stay in groups and they can express their thoughts with other people very easily. They are smart and outgoing in nature. The best to socialize and gel-up with the other people. Communication is a strong side of Gemini. Not to forget that pair of two in Gemini comes with differences and hence, Geminis highly differ with general thoughts of society or groups. They are explorers and good and acquiring new knowledge of various subjects with an open mind to accept new experiences and concepts.


Cancers are displayed with a symbol of Crab as the nature of Cancer people is hard from the top and soft inside. Cancer people are resistant in communication until they feel safe with the other people. Once they feel soft, they open up easily and gell up with their friends or family members. They generally do not involve in discussions and best at avoiding conflicts or clashes with the others. Just like the strong and tough pincers of Crab, Cancers will get attached with the things they love and get attached to it.


Leos are denoted by a Lion as it’s the best representation of their nature. Like a lion – the king of the jungle, Leo are always manifest themselves to be proud, monarchical and take authority on others. Just like a pride of lion, they are natural born leaders but will not choose to get indulge in complex or troublesome circumstances.


Virgos are given the symbol of the Maiden because they are modest, faithful and basically pure. This sign is usually full of hope and love but despite their outward appearance, they have a very active mind as they are always thinking and analyzing. Also, because they are very detail-oriented, they tend to have a great memory and good sense of logic. However, too much of it makes them very hard on themselves and sometimes others which makes them over-stressed and obsessive.


Libras are indicated by the Scales of Justice because what they want more in life is the balance. Because it tends to be hard for this sign to make decisions, they can appear to be a bit feeble and lazy but when they finally come to a conclusion, it will usually benefit everyone or most. This kind of situation where they can’t come to a solid point is often because they seek beauty and peace, but when it comes down to it, they will choose the option they believe is fair.


Scorpios are portrayed as a Scorpion because they are unafraid and secretive creatures. They like to keep things to themselves while expressing their interests in others to learn them and what they have to offer. Preferring to be alone, Scorpios are great at controlling their environment but just like scorpions, this sign will not be aggressive unless provoked. But because this sign is unwilling to be taunted or aggravated, they will act fast and quick with something to remind you with.


Sagittarius people are displayed by the Centaur which is half man and half horse to signify knowledge and freedom. This sign loves the outdoors and traveling because they do not want to stick to a routine that they face every day. Without freedom in any aspect of their lives, they are most unhappy. However, knowledge will always tag along with freedom because this sign will always see and experience new things that can lead to connections and relations one way or another.


Capricorns are represented by the Water Goat because they are ambitious and full of intuition. They will always climb up the ladder and achieve it with steadiness, just like how a mountain goat can stand on the side of a mountain so easily. But their water side is what makes them so passionate and driven. As long as they know where they want to go, they will reach it no matter the difficulties.


Aquarius people are portrayed by the Water Bearer because it is used to signify the cleansing and purification of all. In this sense, the people of this sign are very humanitarian as they wish to help and guide people in any way they can. But because this sign has so much to offer for others, they are often left to appear detached and unemotional. This sign usually spends that appearance to try to recognize them or obtain a spiritual vision of the future.


Pisces people are symbolized by Two Fishes facing opposite of each other. because they are often faced with difficult or opposing situations. Pisces people are mysterious but given the opportunity to be full of dreams and wishes. While they may appear to be happy and full of life, this sign usually has a deep concern for others that may lead them to sticky circumstances. Caught up in peoples emotions and difficult situations, this sign will risk many things or go the extra mile just to help or make others happy.
Hope you found this post useful to understand the people of a particular zodiac sign. The nature of each zodiac sign mentioned here is based on a generic study done by our expert Astrologer Mr. Ashit Jalui based in Mumbai, MH – India. You can consult our expert team of Astrologers for free with us.

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