About Director

Dr. Ashit Jalui - Expert Astrologer

Dr. Ashit Jalui was born in the year 1960 in Mumbai in an ordinary lower middle class family.His father was a farmer from West Bengal who came to Mumbai for a better job prospects, he learnt jewellery manufacturing and started his own business at Zaveri Bazaar in the year 1945. A the tender age of 16 Dr. Ashit Jalui joined his father’s business.

Dr. Ashit Jalui did an extensive research based on his great grandfather Aghat Jalui’s works. Who was a renowned Vedic Astrologer during the British Rule.  His studies helped him learn how Zodiac Sun signs play an important role in a person’s behaviour, life and destiny. His study often made references to Holy Scriptures and majorly to Bhagvad Gita, what really caught his attention was the concept of ‘Panchadhatu’.

Thus he created a remedy to combat “Mental pressures, stress, lack of concentration and lots more.” And, this solution is totally scientific and practically viable as well.

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Well, it is nothing other than the hugely popular and preferred Zodiac Power Rings. Now over a million Zodiac Power Rings have been sold not only in India but worldwide

Dr. Ashit Jalui, the Managing Director of Zodiac Power Rings has a few thoughts about the effectiveness of the Rings:

  • Guaranteed to erase your mental tensions and stress
  • Enhances will power and concentration
  • Makes you bold and assertive
  • Influences your entire thinking and decision making process in a positive manner

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