Zodiac Power Virgo Pendant

Zodiac Power Virgo Pendant

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Zodiac Power Virgo Pendant is mixture of five metals alloy like Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron & Zinc. 

It helps you in fulfilling the lacking elements in your body. 

As the composition of your body becomes fine the progress in your life is bound to flow in the positive direction. 

Your body will react with these metal contents & regains the deficit. 

The Product's surface color may change depending on your body's metal requirement. 

Benefits  -

  1. Work - Patient, Confident, Organised, Peaceful, Focus, Fortunate, Communication, Attracts Opportunity, Decisive.
  2. Education - Lucky, Memory Power, Intelligence, Creativity, Concentration, Mental Energy, Sharper Brain, Relaxed Mind.
  3. Relationships - Understanding, Supportive, Faithful, Passionate, Good Listener, Trustworthy, Caring, Romantic.
  4. Health - Motivated, Calm, Active, Disciplined, Positive, Stress & Tension Free, Happy.

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